The fastest way to add
Analytics to your application

Easy To Integrate
Easy To White-label

User & Developer Friendly Process

Connect and Model

Extract data from a variety of industry-leading data sources and create configurable models that relate to your business semantics.

Query And Visualize

Bring together multiple models to create powerful analytics, and visualize data & insights into a variety of discerning forms including powerful dashboards.

Deploy and Scale

Operate in any infrastructure model - on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, ensure enterprise-grade security, and scale without impacting performance.

User & Developer Friendly Process

Software Makers

Turn your application data into insightful analytics and new revenue streams

Whether you are developing an on-premise product or a SaaS-based cloud platform or a custom application, you can easily embed our BI components into your product to quickly build analytics solutions

Business Users

Create operational reports and data visualizations without any IT support

Analyze data to make informed day-to-day decisions and forecast long-term trends with powerful data visualization and multi-insight dashboards without needing any support from the IT teams

Data Explorers

Develop configurable data models and create mash-able analytics visualizations

Leverage out-of-the-box components or build custom data models to generate reports and analytics for yourself and to empower your users. You can further mix & match analytics to create powerful dashboards

Customer Success

Work with your Data

No need to invest in proprietary data storage. InAppBI works with your data wherever it resides

Why InAppBI?

Gone are the days of implementing analytics over a few months with complex components.
With InAppBI, you can achieve your goals in just a few days.


White-label to make the analytics solution part of your brand


Deploy in on-premise, cloud or
hybrid models


Use the complete product or
specific components


Integrate, customize, and extend
with ease


Be risk-free with our built-in enterprise-grade security

Start visualizing your data
with InAppBI

14-day free trial, No credit card required

14-day free trial, No credit card required