Embed Data Analytics Right With In Your Application

Business Intelligence for Modern Applications

Empower your users to extract the data insights from your application data

No need to rely on expensive development resources to create the reports needed for the users. Get started in minutes

Our easy to use interface makes it a Joy to work with data

Business Intelligence Software

Query & Visualize

Powerful Query capability to write complex SQL or Script

Query, Join and Transform data from multiple data sources

Utilize HTML and CSS templating language and customize to your needs

Query & Visualize

Embed Anywhere

Easily embed charts or dashboards in your website, portal or application

White label or OEM some or all of InAppBI into your product

Embed InAppBI


We take security extremely seriously. That’s why we’ve built a cloud security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best standards.

Download and Install on premise for applications concerned with moving data to cloud/hosted provider

Integrate with your application security and provide fine grain authorization at resource level

Directly query data silos without having to transfer and stage data ending up compromising your data

All data is transmitted or received over secure SSL channel

Enterprise and Cloud Ready

Deploy quickly on cloud OR on premise behind your Firewall where you have total control on your data

Available as dedicated server that's only for you. You'll never have to share infrastructure or performance

Different levels of support are available to meet the need and response time that best suits your organization.

Easily deploy InAppBI in AWS, Azure or Google cloud

Cloud Bi Solution